Run/Walk Participant Instructions

Below are a few steps and instructions to make sure you have the most impact, reach the most people, raise the most support, and help the most women and babies facing unexpected pregnancy situations in our community. 

TIP: Click the "Full-Screen" button in the videos below to view them easier.

What is a 5K Run/Walk?

This Run/Walk is an excellent opportunity to raise awareness and financial support for the Her Care Connection Medical Mobile Unit of the Southwest Coalition for Life. It's a great way to take a stand and make a difference to help moms and babies, encourage fathers to stand up to protect and defend women and children, and have lots of fun in the community!

The Houston Coalition for Life raises over $150,000 annually with a similar run/walk event, which supports two Mobile Medical Units, a brick-and-mortar pregnancy help center, and soon a third mobile unit! Some teams raise up to $40,000 and some individuals have raised over $10,000 including a 9 year old boy who once won the top fundraising prizes and made a huge impact to help moms and babies in unexpected pregnancies!

Event Registration

Your registration is essentially your ticket to participate and get tons of goodies, prizes, and fun. Most people will register as a fundraiser, which gives you your own page and link to share to get people to donate toward your fundraising goal. You can also join as a team to win extra team prizes and awards, and have an even greater impact!

There is also an option to register as a runner-only without creating a fundraising page for those who just want to run the 5K and get medal(s).

You'll also be able to register for the 5K, or for a 1 mile walk, or for a "Virtual 5K" if you aren't able to attend in person on June 19. Many people walk/run on their own beforehand and share their photos and results online.

Your Dashboard

Once registered, you can log in at any time to have access to your own personal fundraising suite of tools to help you successfully raise awareness and support for this important cause and have the maximum impact to help moms and couple facing unexpected pregnancies!

Be sure to upload a photo of yourself so people you invite to donate know they are in the right place and can see your friendly face! If you are part of a team, be sure to upload a logo or photo to represent your team as well.

Your Page

Your fundraising page has a default message when you register, but it is best to customize with your own message about why this cause is so important to you. You circle of influence will respond best to a message that you write from the heart that encourages them to support you in reaching your fundraising goal. 

You can also change your fundraising goal and photo at any time. 

Email Tools

Your dashboard makes it simple to connect and import your email contacts from any email provider. You can then write emails to ask people to join your team, or asking people to donate toward your goal, all from within your dashboard.

There are even a few pre-written templates that you can start with if you're not sure what to say, and your dashboard also makes it easy to communicate with your team members to send them important updates. You can even schedule emails to go out as soon as you hit a certain percentage of your goal. or on certain dates to remind team members or potential donors of your progress and remaining time! 

Adding Donations

All online donations count toward your fundraising goal instantly.

There is also a sample fundraising letter under the "Resources" tab which you can use to mail to potential sponsors and donors. If you collect and offline donations in the form of cash or checks, you can enter these donations from your dashboard where they will first show as "Unverified" but as soon as you drop off or mail those donations to the Coalition for Life office, our Office Manager will change those to "Verified" and they will instantly count toward your goal!

Team Members

When you share your team page, it will give people the option to register as a member of your team, and then all of the donations they collect will count toward your collective team goal, enabling you to win even more prizes for top fundraising teams, the team with most members, and the team with the most donors!

You can also use the email feature and template to ask people to join your team!

Sharing on Social Media

Your dashboard makes it easy to connect to Facebook and Twitter and share your link instantly. 

You can even connect your dashboard to a Facebook Fundraiser, so that funds donated directly through Facebook count toward your fundraising goal!

Completing all of these steps will earn you a special profile badge!

Text Giving

Your dashboard enables you to create your own text shortcode that your friends and family can use to get a link to donate toward your fundraising goal by sending a text message to the number 50155.

Then the enter the code FATHER which links to our event, followed by your own custom shortcode, and they will get a link back to give directly from their mobile device. They can also include a number for the dollar amount the wish to donate to pre-fill their donation with the amount!

Example: Texting father mycode 100 to 50155 will return a link to donate $100 toward your fundraising goal!